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Can a 30xOptical Zoom Bridge camera cheaper than £75?

on Sunday, January 20th, 2013 at 3:06 pm

Dear Customer,

I hope you enjoy the snow. My daughter (5 years) was very excited to
see it after been disappointed with dry weather in Christmas. I had to
make a snowman for her at the first chance earlier this week.

Today I am offering Fuji S4000 30xOptical Zoom digital camera for
£74.9 each (>5pcs). These were the last stock available from Fujifilm
UK, and we now have over 380pcs in stock. Many of you hate Amazon for
its crazy low prices, but you can still comfortably earn 20% even if
you want to compete with Amazon. Will there be another 30xOptical Zoom
Bridge camera cheaper? Possibly not in the near future unless you have
special relation with the administrator of Jessops, if you do, please
offer some to me.

Last time I offered Fuji Instax range of instant cameras & films to
you. Maybe we should not forget those 10 million Polaroid Instant
cameras out there. Actually sales of Impossible films (for Polaroid)
did get a nice sales boost this Christmas. I have increased my range
to 4 models: PX680, PX600 (B/W), PX70, and PZ680. If you are not
familiar with the Impossible films, you should be aware they need to
stored in “Cool” place, and you need wake them up for ~1 hour before
using them, and you must store the film in “shade” once the film shot
out from the camera, hence they all have “cool shade” in their name. I
have included more details in the product description in the website
if you want to see it.

Finally as you all know, Jeff reduced the prices of many of the
photographic accessories items like cables, cases, tripods … and
many batteries before he sold the business to me, they are actually
below the costs if I want to import them again. Please keep take
advantage of this because my time was (and still is) consumed in
re-organizing the website to make it easier for you to navigate.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Paul Zhu

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