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Automation with a personal touch

on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Automation with a personal touch

For well over 30 years Jeff Scowen has supplied the UK photo/imaging trade with a large range of carefully selected profitable and fast selling lines:

* AGFAPHOTO CLEANING PRODUCTS: Digital camera & multimedia cleaning kits, swabs, air dusters, display protection film, lenspens,
* AP CARDED ACCESSORIES: USB camera cables, digital camera batts, snap caps, filters, universal battery chargers etc
* ARROWFILE ALBUMS REFILS: Archival storage for negs, slides, prints, CDs etc
* DIGICOVER: LCD screen protective covers for digital cameras
* DURACELL: Alkaline plus , lithium
* ENERGIZER: Alkaline, lithium
* FUJI: Film, instax camera & film, mini-lab paper, single use cam, video tape, CDs, DVDs
* HAMA: Camera pouches & bags, card readers, memory cases, tripods, slide viewers etc
* ILFORD: Black & white film, black & white multigrade paper
* KENRO: Air dusters, albums, slide & neg sheets, storage files
* KODAK: Film, batteries, mini-lab paper, chemistry, single use cameras
* LED LENSER: Aluminium traditional torches
* MAGLITE: Aluminium traditional torches
* MINI-LAB SUNDRIES: Print wallets, work envelopes, negative sleeving, splicing tape etc
* OLMEC: Quality inkjet photo paper
* OLYMPUS: XD cards
* PANASONIC: Alkaline & lithium batteries
* POLAROID: C3000 passport media
* PRAKTICA: Digital photo keyrings
* PRO IMAGE: Single use flash cameras
* PRO-GRADE: Quality inkjet photo paper
* SANDISK: Memory cards
* SILICON POWER MEMORY CARDS: SD, SDHC, CF, memory stick, USB flashdrives, card readers
* SOLARIS: 35mm film
* SONY: Passport media, passport camera system, mini DV digital tape etc
* UNIROSS RECHARGEABLES: Batteries, chargers, digital camera & camcorder batteries etc
* VISIONARY: Binoculars, monoculars

Over the last 12 months efficiency through automated procedures have allowed Jeff Scowen to offer increasingly lower prices. The heart of the Jeff Scowen operation is a super fast website: that integrates all of the ordering procedure backed by a highly motivated, proficient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of 16 people.
The website is ’state of the art’ that has been painstakingly modelled on chosen elements from the UK’s best sites. There is probably no other company as advanced as Jeff Scowen in their website and back office integration

Jeff Scowen is a company that still values personal contact. Good customers can still expect a call from Jeff and you can order by phone or email and not via the website if you prefer

If you wish to contact Jeff directly then please email or phone the office on 0844 855 3245 for Jeff’s direct line.

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