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Magic by name, magic by nature

on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 at 2:27 pm

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Holy Grail of chargers: A device that could charge 99% of all digital camera and camcorder batteries, all mobile phone batteries and even AAs and AAAs. It also had the bonus of an in-car charging cord and with it’s variable voltage could be used anywhere in the world.

Today there are now numerous different makes and models but none has managed to emulate both the simplicity and ease of use of my direct from the factory ‘AP Magic Charger’. For as little as £9.90 you can buy this futuristic looking, beautifully designed and elegant device in high gloss black that is both stylish and compact.

Newer, more expensive and complex copies have now arrived but who needs things like a meter for the charge when a simple ‘on charge’ light and ‘fully charged’ light will suffice. Just more to go wrong and all that.

From one of the Far East’s foremost manufacturers I have so far imported over 10,000 units in lots of a 1000 by sea and sometimes, because of high demand, by (expensive) air.

With a retail price of up to £29.99 this is a high margin, fast seller. Jeff Scowen’s AP Magic Charger is the UK’s original and without doubt still the best.

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