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Uniross appoints Jeff Scowen as official distributor

on Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

The Uniross story is a fascinating one of innovations and first to market products. You can read about this elsewhere in this issue.
Jeff Scowen has long been associated with this world brand with them consistently being Uniross’ number one photo-imaging wholesaler. It therefore comes as no surprise that Uniross should now choose Jeff Scowen as their photo-imaging wholesaler. This effectively means that all Uniross products can now be purchased form Jeff Scowen at Uniross direct prices. This means much lower prices. Combining a new aggressive pricing policy from Uniross with this direct pricing effectively gives you the customer prices on average 25% lower. Examples of this include the popular Li-40B that fits many cameras at just £3.50, the award winning 2700 AAs 4 pack at £4.85 and the ultra intelligent Smart 2700 charger and 4 batteries at only £9.78.
New products to follow later in the month include a futuristic 1 hour charger and a budget 2700 charger. Many new digital camera and camcorder batteries are also on their way with Uniross now delivering faster to market battery replacements.
Let’s also remember that Uniross is the green battery manufacturer with their credentials not being tainted by offering any one-use throw away batteries. That’s why the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) chose Uniross as a partner.
Whilst some rechargeable battery manufacturers have downgraded their AA capacity (eg Duracell down to 2450mAh) or stay at a lower capacity (eg Energizer also at 2450mAh) Uniross produce continue to produce the best and finest high capacity AA at 2700 mAh. This was proved by them winning the Gadget Show’s comparison test of leading brands. We remind you also that own brand 2700/2800s and others are probably not of this stated capacity they do not have Uniross’ reputation to maintain; the scope for exaggeration in testing very much still exists.
When you sell your customers Uniross you are really selling the world’s most recognised rechargeable brand and often now at a price below the others. Jeff Scowen is ready to serve you with all of Uniross’ photo products including 150 digital camera and camcorder batteries and tens of thousands of pounds worth of other in-stock products.
Order online at or by phone on 0844 855 3245 and 07500 897930 or by email at

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