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My new website is something special and here’s the proof….

on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at 6:58 am

You would expect me to say that my new website is something special…Well here’s the proof:

‘Blisteringly fast. I have never used a site, retail or consumer, with such a quick response’
Brian Callow, Castle Cameras, Bournemouth

What a freshing change, an ordering web site that’s fast and simple to navigate. I use the major manufacturers sites for ordering and find them slow and ponderous in comparison. Even better, Jeff’s site automatically remembers what you order in ‘My Favourites’  Try it soon: It’s clear and precise!’
Alan Wilks, Station Cameras, Reading

‘This way of ordering is cutting edge. Order at a time to suit you – not just between 9am and 5pm. Real time stock information – so you know the item is in stock at the time of ordering. Fast checkout, with card payment no missing settlement discounts now.  Very fast delivery with the invoice emailed direct to your desk. Well done Jeff’.
John O’Shea, Discount Films Direct, Nottingham

‘Hi Jeff, just to let you know how quick and efficient we are finding your new website. It must be saving us hours every month. Any member of staff can complete an order in just a few minutes. Thanks again.’
Andrew S, London Camera Exchange, Taunton

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