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Hot News & New Products

on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Hot News!
The weather’s getting warmer, the government’s looking good and we’re not in the Euro, so here we go with better times….

As I am now confident that all my new systems work sufficiently welI, I have decided to re-instate my popular full back page advertising in the excellent Pixel trade magazine. Pixel have also agreed to produce and publish a feature on the fascinating Jeff Scowen changes which have produced a unique business model that has completely transformed in just 3 months a 25 year old business model into the most advanced and integrated set-up in the trade. Original and even more exciting projects are in development as a result of these changes: More news to follow over the coming weeks and months

New Products
‘Optimised for video usage’, the new Silicon Power Full HD Video SDHC cards are launched this week to compliment Silicon Power’s comprehensive range of 200x CF, MS, SD, SDHC, SD Micro and SD Mini cards.
Available in 4gb, 8gb 16gb and 32gb these cards are superbly packaged in gold and red (see attached or my website home page) and have SP’s famous Lifetime Warranty.
I have visited SP’s factory and seen first hand the absolute precision in the manufacture of their cards. As a result they are amongst the world’s most reliable cards.
Jeff Scowen is the UK’s Official Sole Distributor of Silicon Power flash memory.

This week’s featured product in the fantastic Agfaphoto Cleaning Range is the unique the Digital Cleaning kit (see attached)
Agfaphoto’s comprehensive Digital Cleaning kit has been developed to keep your customer’s photographic equipment in pristine condition. The cleaning liquid removes dirt, grease and fingerprints from the lens and case and is supplemented by 10 dry cloths and 3 pairs of wet/dry wipes. The 100% scratch free swabs are to clean all recesses. The kit also has a blower brush, plus micro fibre cloth 150×150mm cloth for a final buffering. The dry cloths can as well be used for this purpose.
Your customers can now keep their investments in top condition with this internationally
tested Agfaphoto product. Only £6.89+VAT each trade.
View my website to see and order this kit plus the rest of the 13 product range.

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The Agfaphoto Multi-Media Cleaning kit is unique

on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

This Agfa kit has two multi-media cleaning sprays for screens, multi functional monitors and plastic surfaces, plus dry wipes. They can also be used on TV and plasma screens such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

It i
s the first screen cleaning kit recommended by many of the world’s leading brands after their own internal evaluations: Asus, Agfeo, X4-Tech, Otas. Fujitsu, Orion, Navigon, Xoro, Archos, Rombus and others.

Comprehensive tests conclude that dust impurities, finger prints and glue residues can easily be removed leaving a streak free surface which can be finished with the dry wipes provided, or a micro fibre cloth. The sprays also be used on smart phones, notebooks, anti-reflective screens and web cam lenses.

The product has a pleasant odor with no adverse dermatological affects. Plus it has achieved an independent EU certificate stating that the products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly; an important fact when buying decisions are made.

Your customers can therefore keep their investments in top condition with this Agfa internationally tested product.
Agfa: The top brand you can reply on.

Only £6.99+VAT each trade. View my website to see and order this kit and the rest of the 13 product range


This week’s featured Agfaphoto cleaning product is the unique Multi-Media Cleaning kit

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New range!

on Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 9:56 am

A Very Good Morning to you All,

I am proud to have been appointed as the UK’s Main distributor of the excellent range of Agfaphoto Cleaning Products.

This range of 13 carefully selected lines offers all you need in camera, multi media and TFT/LCD cleaning under the trusted Agfaphoto brand. Attractively packed and offering good margins this range is set to become a UK leader.

All are now available via my website, where you can view all the images, by email or by phone.

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